It started out with Gurman founder and namesake Marc spending too much time in tailors around the world getting short-sleeved shirts made for summer. “It started primarily as a hobby because since I was a kid, I was into the vintage style of easy-worn, short sleeve shirts. People started noticing the pieces I had made, and I kept getting asked. ‘Where did you get that shirt from?’. At the end of 2016 Josh Denys, Samuel Banfield and Tom Jordan jumped on board to help Marc Gurman create a relaunch of his brand.
Gurman Collective shirts are designed to be unisex, and the textiles were created to mix up the wardrobe adding some colour and putting a spin on classical Hawaiian shirts. Shirts inspired by Australian summer vibes, whether you’re tanning on the beach or at the local with your mates after a long working week, Gurman Collective was designed for all occasions.